affiliatemarketingOur flexible supply options enable customers to choose purchase/rent plans that best suit their budget and support needs.

Customers can opt for:

  • Outright purchase – With or without a maintenance service plan
  • On-going rental – with or without a maintenance service plan
  • Rental, with option to purchase or replace with upgraded product (Where applicable) after a given length of time.

GenAir’s commitment to providing market leader rapid response, means that mobile solutions are promptly delivered and if required installed on site, to keep down time to a minimum so that your operation can be back to normal in the shortest of lead times.

Products are developed in house; as such we are proud to provide innovative, leading edge solutions to customer’s specific air management and quality challenges. We therefore deliver the right solution for a sensible price, so contributing to you being able to remain competitive within your respective market sector.

Direct access to the owners of the business means that you deal with decision makers that can provide you with instant solutions that are focussed on your needs and not the needs of the supplier’s systems.

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