Desiccant Dryer Hire

GenAir’s static and mobile Desiccant Dryers offer leading edge technology with a -70°c PDP (Pressure Dewpoint) at 49bar, for ultimate flexibility we can provide dryers that range from 10cfm to 2,400cfm and multiply these to fulfil the largest of drying area requirements

Digital control panels enable you to change dryer pressures instantly, across a range of pressures from 0.3millbars to 49 bars, making GenAir desiccant dryers the market leaders.

Furthermore Desiccant Dryers provide you with the fastest drying times so that you can get your operation back up and efficiently running within the shortest of lead times.

Refrigerant Dryer Hire

Where moisture level control is important but not critical, then with a tolerance of +3°c to -2°c, GenAir’s range of Re-fridgerant Dryers will provide you with your required solution.

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