Air Filtration

GenAir’s air filtration systems, covering pre and after filtration ensure that you get the final level of air cleanliness that is right for your business.

Our systems can either provide the basic requirement of many factory plants, industrial air – ie. No water or dust; or oil free air which additionally takes out oil and gas particles.

We partner customers to determine their precise air quality needs, to give not only the right air cleanliness solution but also most importantly, a cost effective one.

Combined with this is the inclusion of dryers to provide a constant humidity level.

GenAir also installs on-going monitoring systems to maintain your air quality and to automatically advise when filters and other components need changing as part of on-going maintenance and therefore optimum performance.

Once again such monitoring keeps your air filtration programme in tip top condition so that down time costs are kept to a minimum and reliability is kept to a maximum.

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