Diesel Mobile Compressor supply to Jaguar Landrover


Genair was contacted early on in the morning at approximately 07:00 with an urgent request to supply compressed air at a Jaguar Landrover site. Within the hour Genair had the equipment loaded onto a wagon ready for dispatch. Within two hours the plant was on site being installed by our experienced service team.

On the day GenAir supplied two Atlas Copco XAVS448 diesel mobile compressors, two 3000 litre static fuel tanks, several air hoses and two AdBlue tanks. The equipment remains on site providing a constant source of compressed air round the clock.

Should you have any immediate requirement for the supply of compressed air, please feel free to contact us on 08447 750 890, alternatively drop us an email at sales@genair.co.uk


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Genair hires Diesel mobile compressor for Power station in London

Mobile Compressor HireGenair have been awarded a 12 month contract for the hire of Diesel mobile compressors for the centre of London.

Due to the nature of the contract the compressors were required to be super silent and also exceed the latest emissions required for London.

Genair have hired 7 x 600cfm Diesel Mobile compressors each compressor c/w integral aftercooler and water separator. Each mobile compressor is supplying compressed air for Dry Ice blast machines and BA masks.

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Genair hires Diesel mobile compressors to assist with salvage of stranded oil rig in Scotland


Genair were called by a salvage expert to help with the recovery of a stricken oil rig of the coast of the Isle of Lewis – Scotland. The customer called up on the 17th August 2016 and required the hire of five 900cfm Diesel Mobile compressors and ancillaries. The order was placed by the customer at 15:50, the five Diesel mobile compressors were transported on two low loaders and arrived at site at 08:00 on the 19th August.

Once the Diesel Mobile compressors arrived at the site they were then going to be transported by boat and lifted onto the oil rig. More updates will follow.

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Genair hires mobile compressors into Ireland

Ireland 400 compressors x 4

Genair have recently been awarded a contract to hire four XAHS186 diesel mobile compressors and ancillaries. The machines were delivered and installed in Dublin Docks, Ireland. Genair received the order late evening on the 15th August with machines being delivered and installed & commissioned by a Genair Service engineer on Wednesday 17th August.


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Genair hires diesel mobile compressors and desiccant dryers to a Lincolnshire refinery


GenAir have successfully commissioned three 900cfm diesel mobile compressors and three desiccant dryers onto a refinery in North Lincolnshire. All machinery installed is up to refinery specifications, fitted with spark arrestors & chalwyn valves. GenAir also supplied three fuel tanks to direct feed each of three compressors.


GenAir has built up several strong relationships within the refinery industry, supplying equipment to refineries in Yorkshire, South Wales and with this new installation, North Lincolnshire. Genair are dedicated to providing reliable and safe working machinery for not just refineries, but other sectors too.

Should you have any hire requirements, please feel free to contact us.



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Genair at Hillhead show 2016


Genair UK Ltd. attended this years Hillhead show and exhibited some of our equipment alongside Atlas Copco. We were proud to be displaying our brand new XAHS 317 mobile diesel compressors and our revolutionary wind safe lighting towers.


Genair Uk Ltd. maintained a presence at Hillhead 2016 throughout the three day event held in Buxton. During our time at this prestigious event we met many of our current customer base and built bridges with many more potential customers.

Please call 08447 750 890 if you require any information regarding our brand new XAHS 317 or Wind Safe lighting tower.

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Diesel mobile compressor hire for waste transfer station in Manchester

Compressor photo

Genair have recently been awarded another contract to hire diesel mobile compressors to help build and commission a renewable waste transfer station. Genair were awarded the first Phase in 2011 and hired 3 x 400cfm Diesel mobile compressors, the equipment worked on site until late November 2015. Due to the service support and quality of equipment Genair have been awarded phase 2 of the project and have recently delivered a 750cfm road towable compressor with a further 2 compressors being delivered in May 2016.


Should you have any projects where you require technical advice then please give our office a call where they will gladly be able to help you out.

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Diesel Mobile Compressor hire for HS2 Ground Investigation

photo website

A specialist Ground Investigation company have been given the task of drilling on farmland and were also asked by HS2 in ways to minimise any possible environmental issues.

Genair looked at tracked diesel mobile compressors, however, the way the tracks operate combined with the weight (1900kg) of the unit would cause issues with churning up the ground. Genair worked with their chassis and tyre suppliers in order to retrofit flotation tyres.

Genair hired two XAHS237 diesel mobile compressors in March 2016, the preliminary test are going well and Genair are in line to hire another two diesel mobile compressors to the same client.

Should you require anymore information or have a diesel mobile compressor requirement where you need technical advice then give us a call or drop us an email.

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Diesel Mobile Compressor hire For pipeline testing in Milton Keynes

htc 2b (2)

Genair were called in by a new client who clean and pressure test pipelines. Genair hired 4 x 900cfm Diesel Mobile compressors and desiccant dryers. The main contractor specified machines that were silent as they were located in a residential area, the contract started in February 2016 with the customer delighted with the service and the reliability of the machinery.

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Diesel mobile compressor hire for Railway bridge in Oxfordshire


GenAir hired a 400cfm Diesel mobile compressor complete with aftercooler and water separator to a concrete repair company, the canal bridge was condemned for being fit for purpose in Aril 2015. The customer anticipated the hire for only 16 weeks, however, when the works were started they realised the bridge was in much more worse shape and the contract lasted for 21 weeks. The company whom hired the Diesel mobile compressor were more impressed that over the full duration off the hire that no reported breakdowns occurred with the machine.

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